APSIF was officially established on March 2009 in Singapore.

APSIF was endorsed and approved by PERSILAT in one of the CB PERSILAT Meeting that was held in Jakarta chaired by the new appointed President of PERSILAT, Bapak Prabowo Subianto, together with Secretary General of PERSILAT, Bapak Teddy Suratmadji, and few other Management Committee Members for PERSILAT, Singapore once again brought up the matter and the interest to be the hub for Asian Pencak Silat Federation.

Launching of Asian Pencak Silat Federation took place in conjunction with the 1st Asian Pencak Silat Championship on 16th April 2011, witnessed by seven countries; Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Thailand and Philippines, who were participating in the 1st Asian Pencak Silat Championship 2011.



To educate and provide Silat playing opportunities to individuals at all cultures and religious to enhance the sporting experience.



• Set up Silat Federation in all Asian Countries
• To be included in the Asian Indoor Games 2017, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
• To be included in Asian Games 2018, Jakarta, Indonesia
• To work forward to include Pencak Silat in 2024, Olympic Games


Stategic Goal

“Guide, influence and lead all Pencak Silat on the right lines in Asian countries.”

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Our Committee


• To encourage and support the promotion of Pencak Silat at all
levels including environment issues, culture and education and Peace through Pencak Silat.

• Ensure that its membership is fully representative of the duly recognized
National Pencak Silat Federations of Asia and its National Olympic Council.

• Co-operate with the public authorities and private enterprise in
the promotion of Pencak Silat without prejudice to the principles of Pencak Silat Movement.

• Ensure regular organizing of the Asian Pencak Silat Championship every 2years in accordance
with the fundamental principles, objectives, Rules, Regulations and By-Laws of the federation,
unless otherwise it coincides with Asian Games.

• Education of Pencak Silat, Seminar, courses on Referees and Jury and coaches.